Body exfoliation to polish the skin or the sauna wrap blanket to relax muscles can be combined with any body treatments including massage for only 20.00 



Swedish … 50.00 (Course of 3 for 130.00)

Focuses on muscle relaxation and is exceptionally beneficial for improving blood circulation & flexibility and decreasing muscle toxins whilst improving the immune system.


Deep Tissue … 50.00 (Course of 3 for 130.00)

Beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension & pain, breaking down scar tissue and helping arthritis & back pain.


Lymphatic Drainage (Dr Vodder) ... 60.00/90.00 (55 or 1hr 25 min) (Course of 3 1hr for 150.00)

The perfect treat if you’re  feeling tired, low on energy, or if you have just been sick or still feel like your body is fighting to get back on track.The lymph is a vital vessel system, that removes all wastes, proteins, excess fluid viruses and bacteria.When the lymph system is working well we  feel healthy, but when it's sluggish or blocked, we feel tired and are more susceptible to colds & infections.It also aids recovery after surgery including breast cancer or as part of a care programme for fibromyalgia & chronic pain.So if your feeling sluggish or simply recovering from a sport injury, this massage can have a powerful impact on your body’s ability to heal itself.

(You can also book just for a drainage facial giving you the same amazing results as the body)


Aromatherapy … 55.00 (Course of 3 for 145.00)

Treats the mind, body and spirit, using essential oils tailored to your specific needs.It has many healing benefits including its ability to reduce stress, pain & anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, increase circulation and improve the digestive system. (This relaxing massage can be combined with hot stones 70.00)


Back,Neck & Shoulders … 30.00 (Course of 3 for 75.00)

An excellent treatment to soothe away tensions in your whole back, by breaking down knots and stimulating the blood flow. Helping to relieve back & neck pain, headaches, stress and tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and energised.


Anti Cellulite … 35.00 (Course of 3 for 90.00)

Has many health benefits, especially increasing circulation whilst attacking the cellulite deposits under the skin. Regular massages can help flush out fat deposits on the legs, buttocks & arms improving the dimple effect on the skin.


Warm Candle … 60.00 (Course of 3 for 160.00)

A luxurious massage melting away tensions and delicately nourishing the skin. A warm natural soy bean candle is drizzled all over the skin and the sumptuous melted warm oils are gently massaged into the body.


Hot Lava Shells ... 65.00 (Course of 3 for 175.00)

A invigorating massage combined with Swedish massage techniques, working deep into the muscles & tissues, making it much easier to work on knots & muscle pains, whilst increasing the circulation of blood & oxygen in the body, boosting & stimulating lymph activity, improving & strengthening the immune system, reducing swelling & inflammation and soothing aches & pains leaving the body feeling recharged and rejuvenate.


Hot Stones … 60.00 (Course of 3 for 160.00)

Promotes deeper muscle relaxation with the use of warm basalt stones, relaxing the entire body & melting away tensions. Relieves pain from fibromyalgia ,arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome whilst reducing chronic stress & muscle spasms.


Indian Head Massage … 25.00/45.00 ( 25 or 55min) (Course of 3 for 60.00 or 120.00)

Increases oxygen and nourishment to the scalp, whilst stimulating and improving lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck, helping release tension in the muscles and joints of the head, face, neck & shoulders whilst removing waste products. It also relieves any symptoms of fatigue, insomnia headaches and sinusitis, leaving you with a feeling of peace and calmness.


Reflexology... 50.00 (Course of 3 for 130.00)

Restore the balance and heal the body. Reflexology is the ancient art of foot massage which originated in China and is now practiced in India and Egypt. It involves the reflexologist applying pressure to specific areas in the feet, that correspond to certain areas of the body, in order to stimulate the meridians (energy channels) that run through the body to promote healing and relaxation.

Improving circulation, energy levels, pregnancy, reducing stress, treating anxiety, help remove toxins, improve poor digestion and IBS, treat migraine and headaches, menstruation and menopausal symptoms, relieves pressure from legs and feet.