Body Treatments & Wraps


Universal Contour Wrap … 80.00 (3 Wraps 225.00)

A renowned favourite for over 25 years due to it's instant inch loss results and unique inch loss guarantee, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving stretch marks. Bandages are pre soaked in a sea clay solution and wrapped around the whole body. Special wrapping techniques are used to help reduce problem areas, leaving the skin smoother and tightened. Suitable for men and woman.

(Can be combined with a full body scrub for 20.00 or a facial for 30.00)
(Please bring spare underwear )


Body slimming Sauna Blanket Wrap … 30.00/60.00 (25 or 55 min) (3 Wraps 75.00)

This Infrared sauna body thermal wrap helps kick start slimming, detox and fat loss programmes, you sweat, burn calories, reduce toxins and cellulite appearance, whilst you relax.  

(Can be combined with a cellulite massage or slimming/cellulite wrap for 30.00 or with a massage for a specific cellulite area 20.00)


Gaum Algae Wrap … 75.00 (3 Wraps for 210.00)

This wrap is known to Reduce cellulite imperfections and fat deposits, with its natural anti-cellulite properties.Clinical trials have proved visible reduction of cellulite and a loss of 2cm after just the first treatment. 

(Can be combined with a body scrub to the treatment area for 20.00)


Shrinking Violet Wrap …