3D Lipo Ultimate & 3D Skin Tech



The combination of advanced technologies

For a complete non-surgical body transformation  


3D – One To One Consultation...

A free 30min consultation where we can discuss your concerns and plan a

bespoke treatment plan just for you, with verious treatments that will help transform your body. 


Cryo Freeze … For stubborn pockets of fat body.

sculpting including chin freeze.  150.00 or 2 for 250.00

Is best used on these stubborn fat areas that just won’t shift through diet and exercises  

no matter how hard you try! We will devise a bespoke treatment plan to target

specifically the areas you are unhappy with. Chin Freeze 100.00

Shockwave … For stubborn pockets of fat cellulite.

75.00 (30 mins) or 6 for 499.00

Best for stubborn packets of fat and cellulite, 3D-shockwave works by stimulating

the fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage.

This treatment can be performed on many areas of the body including the outer

and inner thighs, knees, arms, hips, buttocks, and stomach.

course of 8-12 sessions are recommended.

Cavitation … Best for overall fat reduction. 

Results can be seen from the first treatment with an average of 2-4cm per treatment.

Treatment times are dependent on the size of the area you wish to target. 

course of 6 sessions are recommended.

Small Area Treatment             75.00 for 6 350.00     (25 mins)

Medium Area Treatment        85.00 for 6 425.00    (40 mins)

Large Area Treatment           120.00 for 6 599.00    (55 mins)

Radio Frequency … For skin tightening & reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Best for skin tightening and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Using a combination of

non-surgical technologies to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. A prescriptive treatment

plan will be devised to effectively tighten the skin for a more youthful, smother and tone

looking skin. Treatment time is dependent on the size of the area you wish to target. 

course of 6 sessions are recommended.

Small Area Treatment             75.00 for 6 350.00     (25 mins)

Medium Area Treatment        85.00 for 6 425.00    (40 mins)

Large Area Treatment           120.00 for 6 599.00    (55 mins)

HIFU … Non Surgical face lift including eyes & body tightening.

Is highly recomended for banishing hard fat and body sculpting. It is the latest technology

used to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time.

Excellent treatment for hard stubborn fat.  

Small Areas From 300.00 For (30 mins) Treatment

HIFU BODY Focused Fat Removal Or Cellulite Treatment

Large Areas From 450.00 For (45 mins) Treatment

Only one treatment is required as each area is repeated 3 times.

5 Point Lower Body Lift ...

Course of 8 sessions for 599.00

‘The Love Lift” targets the stubborn fat on the love handles, stomach, inner thighs,

buttocks and lower buttock areas. A bespoke non-surgical combination treatment will

be devised to banish the fat effectively in all these areas. 

Bum Lift ...

Course of 6 sessions for 499.00

Using a combination of non-surgical technologies to get rid  off cellulite, lift and tone

the buttocks for a firmer more toned and a youthful bum. 

The course includes Cryo Fat Freezing, RF Skin Tightening, Cavitation Fat Melting.

Your treatment program will be designed for your individual needs.

Thigh Gap ...

250.00 for (55 mins)

Celebrities Favourite! Using duo Cryotherapy to target the stubborn fat in this area to

help sculp and define the inner thighs.

Bingo Wings ...

250.00 for (55 mins)

Using Duo 3D – Cryotherapy to target stubborn fat in this common problem area and

combination of other 3D technologies, a bespoke treatment programme will be

devised to tighten and tone the lose skin in the arms.

Man Boobs ...

Course of 2 sessions for 350.00 for (55 mins)

We can banish unwanted fat in this area for men.

Fat Freeze can work effectively to remove the fat. (2 visits)

3D Skin Tech Facials



A new revolution in non-surgical aesthetic

3D Prescriptive Facials With Elemis ...

100.00 or course of 8 for 650.00

The 3D Skintech Prescriptive Facials offer a range of technologies:


•    Medical grade microdermabrasion

•    LED photography

•    No needle Mesotherapy

•    Radio Frequency Skin Tightening


Following a thorough consultation and skin assessment our aestheticians will prescribe a course of facial treatments combining 3DSkintech technologies and Elemis products. The prescriptive facials target your skins concerns to deliver excellent results.

Time Defence Facials ...

75.00 or course of 6 for 375.00

Our Anti-Ageing facial is excellent for clients looking to hold back the years and combat the signs of ageing. It delivers anti-ageing results, with the 3D Skintech technologies to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin and promotes a more youthful appearance. 

Lightening Facial ...

75.00 or course of 6 for 375.00

Are perfect for clients with uneven skin tone and pigmentation, regardless of age or skin type. Clients have seen significant lightening of stubborn hyperpigmentation; especially when incorporating our skincare products into their daily routine. 

Clear Skin Facials ...

75.00 or course of 6 for 375.00

Are ideal for clients with acne, oily or congested skin. By combining our 3D Skintech technologies you can expect to reduce acne, control sebum production and reduce the occurrence of breakouts.

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